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I am Lucia – a Vampire

I am Lucia.
I am a vampire.
I have been a vampire for 2000 years.

I have seen the fall of the Roman Empire, I have seen two World Wars
and now its another war – invaded by an ancient enemy. But more of that later.  My lover is BulletProof Pete and together we save the world.

I was born in Hispana, of gypsy stock – I have wild blue eyes and long thick curly hair. When the Roman soldiers invaded our village they took me, and I fought like a demon, felling three soldiers – before they captured me.  The Tribune said I fought like a wild stallion – he admired my spirit, and I could see the lust in his eyes, but I did not like him.  He took me to Rome. Then we travelled to Egypt, with Caesar’s army and fought a great battle against Ptolemi, the brother of Cleopatra. There I met the hero of the battle, a centurion, Caxus. Brave, handsome, rugged, honest. The attraction was instant – like we had been struck by lightning. It was fate. Caesar blessed our marriage. Later Caxus became a land owner, given by Caesar for his service, where he grew grapes, up in the North.

Our house, our villa, was set on top of a hill, the Aventine Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. We were comfortable, we had slaves, and a herb garden where we used to sit and drink wine under the warm sun, and smell the rosemary. We had a good life.

One day I went to the slave market and I saw some slaves from Gaul, my heart beat faster, as among them I saw an elegant and beautiful girl, like a Greek Goddess. I took her in, I found her irresistible and we soon became lovers. Sometimes Caxus would join us – we were happy.

One evening I was walking with Caxus outside the city walls, in the warm evening air, watching the stars, but we were attacked by the ancient enemy – the alien filth. They murdered my husband, as he tried to save me. I was saved by a night creature – a vampire. He told me his name was Cassian, and that he was the leader of all vampires, and I felt safe with him. He said one day I will get my revenge – the ancient vendetta still lives.

It was there that I was ‘made’ a vampire by my master, Count Cassian. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire we moved to a castle, his ancestral home in Transylvania. During World War Two we fought the Nazi’s, invading their secret bases. It was there that I met my ‘uncle’, Louis Picard, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany – we adopted him, and he grew up to be a brilliant scientist. I have found a family of sorts, my master Count Cassian and Uncle Louis.

Now I am fighting the alien filth, the ancient enemy of the vampires, with my lover, BulletProof Pete. He has a great destiny in front of him, though hes seems reluctant to confront it. He has a secret name also, and he reminds me of my husband in Rome, Caxus somehow. The memory is burned deep into my soul – If I had one that is.

Read about our story in HERO – the Dominion First Blood series – click the link below.

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