An old and terrible threat comes back to haunt Mankind. A race of ancient aliens are hell-bent on dominating Earth and replacing humans with their own kind. An ageing but brilliant archaeologist makes a shocking discovery in modern Iraq. A secret meeting occurs between Vampire elders and the US president.

Our modern day SAS hero captain “Bullet proof pete” and childhood friend “Vinnie the Terminator” join forces with their American allies to defend Earth at all costs against the alien menace – nut our hero is torn apart by guilt for leaving his wife and family.

The US President stands alone – all seems lost. But then our hero turns up with important new information. They are joined by Vampire Demons Cassian and the magnetic lucia – igniting a sense of new hope. Psychic Lucia joins our heroes in the cruel, guerrilla war against the aliens and informs them of a shocking revelation that changes everything.

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