I am Caius aka “BulletProof Pete”

Hello, I am Captain Peter Morgan aka “BulletProof Pete” (that’s what my fellow SAS friends call me anyway.) I live in the Brecon Hills with my family, in a secret hidden valley away from the stresses of modern life. I thought I could run away from who I really was – some sort of super hero, with super human powers – but I never asked for this

I was born with it.

From an early age I knew I was different. My father was also in the SAS but I only found out after he died. On a black mission. He named in Cai, he said it was an old  welsh name meaning Kay, the bravest of Arthur’s knights. Maybe he knew something –  I knew I was different. Faster, stronger – than all the other boys at school. People started to notice.  Then I joined the army. Later I passed SAS selection with my best friend Vinnie. Vinnie’s an oddball – his family are gangsters from the East End of London. He had a choice, be a gangster or join the army. But Vinnie is my brother and I don’t care what people say about him, we have each other’s backs –  We are brothers in arms.

I keep getting these visions – when I was Lost in the desert in Yemen. I was on the point of death. Then I had a strange vision of a priest and an ancient book of prophecy, and a sword of unspeakable power. Then the Archangel Michael appeared in all his glory, powerful, majestic and kind and gave me a golden cup. Michael tells me my name is Caius (the Latin name for Cai) and tells me I have a destiny to fulfill.

I cannot escape my destiny. No one can.

My visions continue, a dark cave, something diabolical within, fear grips me – but one day I must face it whatever it is. It gives me nightmares. Then a blackened sky and an ancient race of aliens invade earth in a monstrous ship. Then a woman of strange beauty appears in my dreams trying to contact me. She lives in an ancient stone city on seven hills. Long dark hair, fierce blue eyes and a wild gypsy look about her.  Then I’m on a battle field, in the desert, in a Roman uniform, fighting Egyptians, then I’m lying in the sand, vultures circling above me.

I almost forgot my nickname – “BulletProof Pete,” because I never get hurt, so  many missions, so many battles, and not a scratch. Now the yanks want me to fight for them. But I’m British, I fight for Albion. Now I’m fighting for the yanks. Politics – it wasn’t my choice – seems I’m a pawn in a bigger game. This Lucia though – when I first saw her it was like I was struck by lightning. The attraction is magnetic and a sense that I have known her before.

I have a sword and only I can summon it – it is the Holy Sword of my patron – the  Archangel Michael. Aeons old. Omnipotent and all powerful – but loving also. The sword nearly destroyed me the first time I summoned it. But I’m getting used to it. But do I control the sword or does it control me?

I am BulletProof Pete, but I am also Caius, the warrior who incarnates every 1000 years to save mankind. I must become the hero everyone wants me to be. It is my destiny.

For myself. For my family. For mankind.

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