Foreword from my forthcoming book DOMINION: First Blood (Book One)

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Although this is a work of fiction (and I hope you enjoy it very much) there are elements of truth running behind it.
Did aliens visit ancient Sumeria (Modern day Iraq) at the earliest point of human civilization?
Many scientists are astounded at how Sumerians progressed so quickly from mud-hut living fisher folk to temple building mathematicians. Did aliens experiment with early human DNA to build better humans? (There are many books on this subject). ‘The ‘Sumeri’ aliens are called exactly that by the vampires simply because they arrived and ‘integrated’ at that time with the Sumerian civilization 6,000 years ago.

Do aliens really exist?

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. As technology advances and more and more ‘M Class’ planets (those capable of sustaining life) are found every year then the probability increases that aliens do exist. In fact, there are 140 billion habitable planets in our galaxy alone. In 2011, the FBI declassified decades’ worth of secret government documents. These documents contain thousands of reports of UFO sightings and alien activity. These include Mass UFO sightings, personal abductions and government cover-ups.

Most interesting among these were reports of huge triangular shaped objects flying over Belgium airspace in 1990. There were hundreds of reports of these objects, frequently described as enormous and triangular in shape – known as “The Belgian Wave”, which lasted for two years. Air Force supersonic F-16 jets chased these strange objects, which were simultaneously tracked by both airborne and ground radars. The Belgian Government cooperated fully with civilian UFO investigators, an action without precedent in the history of government involvement in this field. These triangular objects have been reported all around the world, along with increased activity in abductions and mysterious alien implants.


Hypnotic regression of abductees seems to suggest an alien agenda of aliens experimenting on humans to breed half-human, half-alien hybrids. Any official question to governments about these mysterious sightings and events is normally met by a stony silence or a grumpy rebuff.

What becomes clear is that sightings by a few people can be ‘covered up’ by government disinformation etc., but that sightings by hundreds or thousands of people, including photographic evidence, (as has happened), cannot be covered up. I came across another story so spine chilling that I will not repeat it here, but it suggests the war against aliens has already started.
The circumstantial evidence for alien activity appears to be overwhelming. The US Government has been collecting evidence from UFO crash sites around the world for decades. I understand why they keep it a secret, and I think they should keep it a secret, for obvious reasons.

Should SETI (the organization set up to Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) be actually trying to contact aliens in the first place? Should we stop sending signals to outer space trying to contact aliens? Professor Stephen hawking seems to think so (and I would agree with him). In the movie Battleship SETI sends a signal to outer space which is picked up aliens who then proceed to invade our planet. Oops.

Certainly, our current technology has not advanced to the point where we could defend ourselves against an alien invasion. But, how would humankind fare in an alien invasion? What do the experts say? Military strategists from the Air Command and Staff College in the United States have a multitude of plans if aliens did invade. They have war gamed every scenario imaginable. Unfortunately, most of that is classified as Top Secret information, i.e. they want to keep quiet about it. Reading between the lines, I do not think humankind comes out of it very well. (I recently came across a story so spine chilling that I will not repeat it here, but it suggests the war against aliens has already started.)

Is it likely aliens would ever invade our world? The conclusion by scientists was that an invasion was likely. Why?

1) They want to breed with us, because they can no longer reproduce themselves; or
2) They want Earth’s resources – Water, metals, forests and biology; or
3) They want the Earth as a new home for themselves (and presumably evict us Earthlings.) This could be because their own planet is no longer habitable. (Maybe they polluted the atmosphere or destroyed their own with wars – does that ring a bell?)

There is a United Nations office called the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs committee in New York, which is charged with the responsibility of making first contact with aliens with its own alien ambassador, Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist. Her office is tasked with sending a message in all major languages to the alien visitors. The universal language of mathematics would also be used by transmitting prime numbers to the aliens.

Aliens are likely to be highly intelligent and advanced scientifically. In the 1930’s Germany was the most advanced technological country in the world, developing their war machinery in secret collaboration with the Russians, deep inside Soviet Russia. The allies were oblivious to this – Of course, the allies did not know about the advanced German technology until it was too late. In the second World War the British and French were completely overwhelmed by the technically superior German war machine – leading to the evacuation at Dunkirk. The allies were completely unprepared and complacent about the Nazi threat – leading to a scramble to re-arm, which the British did with amazing speed and innovation.

Would aliens be friendly? We only have to learn the lesson of Nazi Germany to understand that the answer would be no. There appears to be no relationship between technological advancement and moral or ethical behavior.
In a war against aliens, the whole world of politics and alliances would be thrown on its head. Former enemies would become allies, NATO soldiers fighting alongside Russian troops – just as it was during the Second World War (perhaps even sharing a shot of vodka during the fighting). Imagine American troops fighting an alien menace alongside the Taliban and Al Qaeda (unthinkable I know), because it is not a war of ideology, but of human survival – the future of humankind itself. Perhaps in a moment of reflection everyone needs to look beyond his or her own navel, and self-interest, and think about what is best for human kind.

Nevertheless, even if old enemies did join forces – will that be enough? Who will help the human race in its darkest hour?
Look for friends in unlikely places.

Do vampires exist?
Do you know anyone who, when they speak to you, just drains you of energy, with their vindictive and bullying attitude? (Maybe someone at work). Perhaps just their physical presence send shockwaves and shivers through your body, making you feel weak and defenseless. To all intents and purposes that is a vampire, because they suck the energy out of you. Some people just feed off the psychic (and physical) energy of others. Vampirism has existed for thousands of years; cultures such as the Hebrews, Mesopotamians, Ancient Greeks and Romans had tales of demons and spirits, which are considered precursors to modern vampires. However, in history that is more recent the folklore for the vampires seems to originate almost exclusively from early 18th century southeastern Europe, and the famous tales of Count Dracula in Transylvania.

Another example of truth being stranger than fiction is that the X-37B stealth aircraft mentioned in the story is real. Its design resembles a mini shuttle and is only 29 feet in length and 15 feet in width. The unmanned, reusable vehicle logged an unprecedented 675 days in space, but very little is known about this Top Secret space plane which seems more ‘James Bond than a machinery of reality’.

The US military keeps very quiet about the X-37B – but it has been orbiting the earth for the last two years and landed recently at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

This fictional story discusses the existence of a worldwide military organisation to prepare for, and fight, any alien attack, namely Sirius. This worldwide network may, or may not, exist but it would certainly be prudent to prepare for an alien invasion, and is within the realms of probability. All the ‘Sirius’ weapons discussed in the story may seem like the stuff of science fiction but in fact are based on real technology, for example rail gun and laser technology as well as the Adaptiv armor which hides vehicles from infa red.
Although we would appear to be defenseless against an attack by an alien force, all is not lost, because we humans have something they do not, we are greater than the sum of our parts. In great adversity we find the spirit, the wit, to win our way through – somehow.

Although this is purely a fictional story it does raise issues about our existence, how we look at the world, our neighbors, and our attitude to how we should treat others that are not like ourselves. Issues of race, ideology, religion, sexual orientation, wealth and class are irrelevant when your own existence is at peril.

More than anything this story is about the friendship between Peter and Vinnie, childhood friends, and the desperate need for peoples of all races, to come together to fight evil, whether the source of that evil is from this planet, or from a different one.

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