How Scary Would An Alien Invasion Be?


Very Scary.

An alien invasion would make World War Two look like a walk in the park.


Because there would be very few places to hide. From the aliens that is. In World War Two parts of Europe: Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, The Americas, Most of Africa and parts of Asia were not invaded by the AXIS powers. Refugees, and others, with spirit and bravery, had a chance to escape to a safer place, where the evil Nazis could not persecute them. Armies had the option of retreating back to their own lines, to fight another day.


If you think back to the Independence Day film, the aliens had a strategy. Satellite spaceships invaded earth and controlled all the major cities and population cities, then destroyed them. The satellite ships were controlled by a Mothership, directing the alien forces, firstly destroying the ability to communicate, satellites etc. Then destroying the ground forces, and airforce and navy. Ninety percent of our military would be wiped out within the first 48 hours of an alien invasion.

Then the aliens would destroy the infrastructure; power, water, gas supplies would be cut off, things everyone takes for granted, at least in the developed world. Could you imagine a world without electricity? I don’t think most people can, to be quite honest. The major cities would be evacuated – traffic jams running for miles, with people running out of petrol.

Where would people go?

Caves, forests, mountains, hidden valleys, hideaways, cellars, basements.

How would people survive? I think most people would struggle without electricity and fresh water. Its the people who have survival skills that will survive. Start watching Bear Grylls and Ray Mears.

Major cities would be evacuated, but some isolated communities may stay in their homes, if they are well hidden. But even if you did manage to stay in your own home there would be no electricity, no gas no water. That makes alternative energies so attractive; solar power, wind power, recyclable water systems – self-sufficiency. In the Philippines a lot of people drill a borehole down to the water table to pump fresh water for washing and drinking.

Most people would be hiding out in the woods, building makeshift camps (I remember doing this as a young boy with my friends building camps and getting chased by Crown Estate Forest Rangers, but that’s another story).

How long could you survive in the woods?

You could build a log cabin from fallen trees (like I used to). You would need a supply of fresh drinking water, a stream or suchlike. Without this you would survive less than a week. Food? There is deer, rabbits, foxes (not good eating) and squirrels, but you have to catch them first. So you would need to develop hunting skills, and how to skin an animal. Most people would be squeamish about this. And of course how to create a fire. Firesticks are very useful, but they can be tricky – you would need to find good dry tinder to get a fire going. Somebody with survival skills with  a good knife, a firestick and a cooking pan could survive for months, maybe years.

In my new book I discuss the existence of a secret worldwide organization to fight an alien invasion. It has secret underground bases, new technology, new weapons to fight the alien menace. This would be critical for humankind to stand any chance of survival and fight back against the aliens.

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