Imagine a world where aliens have invaded and the humans are faced with an alliance with the ancient vampires in order to defeat the alien menace. Only one man can defeat the enemy.

Our hero is cornered and must summon the holy sword…but does he have the strength to summon it, and wield it?

His mind raced for a solution, as he recalled the Angel in the desert, and his words. The aliens edged closer, sure of their prize, the Narzuk SS officer, his thin face wearing a tiny smile, thinking about what he would do with his prisoners. He egged on the grey-eyed clone troops to follow.
Peter’s mind entered an altered state: he knew instinctively how to do this, for he was Caius, the Eternal Warrior, come to defeat the alien menace, for that was his purpose, his mission, in this incarnation.
He cleared his mind, picked up some dirt and rubbed it into his hands, earthing and balancing himself before he spoke the invocation.
His mind wandered, contacting the dimension beyond time. Time itself seemed to stop, the robots and aliens in front of him, frozen in the moment. He had a vision of a large silver sword, with a golden pommel and jewels—amethysts—embedded into the pommel.
Three times he said the words, as he closed his eyes, his mind focusing on the sword, and when he opened them, he was holding it in his hand. It felt heavy, powerful, and it vibrated with enormous power, as it gave off a blue light—all around him was a blue light. It was one of the seven holy swords of Prince Michael, Lord of Angels. For indeed it was an object of immeasurable power, which could only be wielded by one such as Caius.
‘The sword will give you power, strength, and the will to succeed and conquer your enemies,’ he remembered the Michael’s words.
As Peter admired the blade, it vibrated in his hand, the power running through his body; he felt invigorated. And yet he was not alone, for there was another entity standing beside him, a figure in blue and purple robes, he had a smile so beautiful, and he radiated such raw power, such infinite love, that Peter knelt before him, in silence. He now had a sense of the power and majesty of God. His will was being done through him.
As the being laid his hands upon Peter’s head, he felt a rush of power to his body, he now felt at peace with the world, as the energy surged through him. Michaels’ eyes flashed a fierce blue, and then he witnessed an emotion: infinite power, limitless and unstoppable, and when he looked up again, the entity was gone. He now stood, his eyes shining blue, and as he raised his sword the atmosphere changed. Dark clouds gathered as the sword shone like the sun and lightning sprang from it. Thunder rolled in the distance as the aliens stood back frightened, a strong wind blew as he raised the glowing sword.
Vinnie was stirring as he stared at Peter with his sword, surrounded by blue light.
‘Caius,’ whispered Vinnie weakly. He looked at Peter and was shocked by the change in appearance, as if he had aged, and grown larger and stronger, more malevolent—then he fell unconscious again.
Now Caius was back in the current dimension, back in Earth time, and the aliens were advancing towards him, menace etched on their faces. The evil-looking Narzuks, a mixture of SS and others, looked at him, egging on the numerically-superior clone troops first. They looked at him holding his sword, why would these humans use such primitive weapons? The grey-eyed clones held back, afraid.
The two robots advanced, now towering above him, over ten feet tall, they raised their arms to crush him with one blow.
Of its own volition, the sword moved upward at lightning speed, then it came down on the robot’s arm, slicing it clean off as if it were made of butter. The robot looked at him in shock and surprise – it wasn’t programmed for this. Its logic circuits went into overdrive, as it reversed back toward the oncoming aliens, who now looked in awe at the sword, and stopped in their tracks, unsure of what to do.
In a split second, Peter had swung the sword around again and plunged it into the other robot, sparks flying everywhere, as the sword shredded the robot’s outer metal armour, and pierced the innards, until the point came out the other side. Then it collapsed with an electronic grunt. There was silence as the Narzuks and clones looked at him in shock and awe. Who was this human who had defeated two of their indestructible robots? They hesitated, but it was too late, for Peter, now Caius the warrior, was running at lightning speed towards them, the sword blazing like a blue sun. Lightning sprang from the sword, incinerating two clones.
The aliens were now frozen in terror, the ones at the back dropping their weapons and fleeing, as Caius advanced. The aliens stood no chance as Caius sliced through them like they were made of matchwood. He showed no mercy, for they showed no mercy to humans, committing diabolical acts in the name of their unholy cause. His sword and body were covered in green blood, and when he had finished, all the aliens lay dead, but then the world started spinning, he felt weak at the knees, and Caius blacked out, falling to the ground. When he came to, the sword had gone, and he had a splitting headache. He was Peter again, and Vinnie was kneeling beside him, offering him water.
‘Well done mate. You are Caius. Those aliens are terrified of that sword!’ Peter got up slowly, his head still pounding, as if he had just drunk a bottle of whiskey and then passed through a black hole and came out the other side.
‘When I wield the sword, I am Caius, Vinnie. That is my secret name, but now I am Peter again. The sword has a very strong will Vinnie, almost a mind of its own. It’s difficult for me to control it, that’s why I blacked out…I feel weak. Help me up.’
Vinnie helped Peter to his feet, then slapped him on the back, which made his headache worse. They looked around them; there were no aliens, but some fighter craft were approaching in the distance.
‘Time to get back to base.’ Peter sighed, his heart heavy.