The Meaning of Friendship


Some friendships last all our lives, others are short lived, some end tragically, like my South African friend Colin, whom I worked with for several years. One week we were having a nice Friday night drink in Waterloo, the following week I got a call from his girlfriend, saying he had died in a motorcycle accident on the Saturday, helping others as a motorbike marshall. He was always involved in some sort of charity, helping others, but he was also a risk taker. I remember one story where, although he was a good canoeist, he went canoeing when the Thames was in full flood. At nighttime. He had to be rescued from an island in the middle of the Thames in the middle of the night, surrounded by high water.

The moral of that story is value your friendships, for you never know when they might be cut short.

Many friendships start in early childhood. My oldest friend is Mark – we were friends since 5 years old, playing lego in the garden, building secret camps in the woods (though not so secret as one of them got knocked down- we were followed). Letting fireworks off from our bicycle handlebars and other such silly pranks, bike rallying and having horrendous crashes landing in the stinging nettles (many of those). Getting our first motorbikes. Mine was a single cylinder Honda CB125 and I think Mark had a Yamaha two stroke- more than one motorbike crash (though not seriously injured), going on a tour of Hayling Island on our bikes, sleeping in our sleeping bags without a tent (not recommended) and sleeping in the new Forest and getting bitten to death by midges. I remember playing Dungeons and Dragons in my late teens and having a character called Glemen, a very high level and powerful character (i wonder if someone is still playing him somewhere in the world). I have left out some of the more serious pranks in case I get into trouble. Around the age of twenty we drifted apart and found different friends.

Other friends we start in our twenties and you soon start to learn who are drinking buddies and who are in fact, real friends. Gordon and Mark have been my friends since my early twenties. And  me and my friend Chris, a gentlemen of the old school, have been friends for 20 years.

In my book HERO Book One in the Dominion First Blood series, Peter (the  protaganist) and Vinnie his lifelong friend, share many experiences together. Although they are completely different characters, one from the depths of rural Wales and the other, a gangster from the East End of London, they form a common bond which has lasted them all their lives.

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